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Dallas Zoning 101

What is zoning?  Zoning is the division of land into districts. These districts have zoning regulations and limitations on land use, building height, setbacks, lot size, population density, coverage, and floor-area ratio.  The purpose of zoning is to facilitate the organization of the city and its neighborhoods, and to promote good urban planning.

Before a person or company may build on land, the intended use must not contradict the zoning that land currently has.  If the lot is not properly zoned for the type of proposed development, the builder must obtain the proper zoning by filing an application for a zoning change. The process takes approximately 12 weeks and includes two public hearings.  If the re-zoning is opposed, the process may take longer, or the re-zoning may be denied.

There are three types of zoning changes: a general zoning change, a planned development district (PDD), and a specific use permit (SUP). Each has a different process and requirements.