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Revised Durable Power of Attorney Act

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How the EU’s New Privacy Law Affects You

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Guidelines for a Nonprofit Board of Directors

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Capacity to Sign

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What You Need to Know About Copyrights

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Ten Legal Considerations for Texans Considering Adoption

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Puttering on About Drones

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What is the Status of ObamaCare, and Why Should I Care?

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The SEC’s Reach May be Longer than you Think

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Healthcare Providers’ Risk of Data Breach

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BEC: the Phishing Email Impersonating Your Boss

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Digital Asset Planning

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It’s Time to Make Your 663(b) Trust and Estate Distributions!

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Can my Nonprofit Organization Conduct Lobbying Activities?

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Employment Law Update: New DOL Rule Suspended

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Fooling Mother Nature Requires a Texas License

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Advertising Law: Disclosures

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New Employment Law Overtime Rules

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Family Governance Arrangements: Putting the SUCCESS into Succession Planning

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Public/Private Partnerships

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Do I Need a Will?

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Forming a 501c3: The “Texas Three-Step”

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Trial by “Special Judge”

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Physician “Anti-Kickback” Statute

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Affordable Care Act Information for Employers

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HIPAA Violation May Spark Lawsuit

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Two Avoidable Errors in Sweepstakes Events

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The Probate Process for a Valid Texas Will

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Balance Billing and Texas Healthcare Law

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Dallas Zoning 101

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Power of Attorney Liability

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What is HIPAA?

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Corporate Practice of Medicine

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Physician Non-competition Agreements

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$150,000 Penalty for HIPAA Violation

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HIPAA Law and Business Associates

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New Simpler 501c3 Application for Small Charities

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